We are a group of learning, development and consultancy companies that is based in Singapore.

A leading learning and development provider for company employees, working professionals and individuals, our learning events and services are created and designed with our business partners (start-ups and entrepreneurs alike in Singapore and the Asia Pacific) in order to provide benefits to one’s professional and personal success.

We have been dedicated to creating a more knowledgeable world through our focus on professional and personal development, along with our support of lifelong education and learning for all ages.

Through our substantial investments and work in people development, we are devoted to helping our clients discover and rediscover their skills to advance in their personal lives and career.

Our representatives work in flexible co-working spaces with our partners throughout Singapore. We often visit countries such as Malaysia, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Australia for collaborative learning projects with their expatriates and citizens.

Our flexible working arrangements enable us to maximise our productivity with the many different types of learning projects that we are passionate for.

Thank you for your time and interest in the work we do for learning and development.

We sincerely welcome you to join us at our corporate learning events, in-house training and seminars.

Warm regards,

Business Communication Asia (HQ)
Business Communication Studio (Singapore)

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