Our company is presently working remotely on a temporary basis.
Private in-house and virtual training courses are available upon request.
You are most welcome to email us your enquiries at
Our office line at +65 9823 6920 opens from 10am to 5pm on weekdays.
Thank you for your valuable time.

We offer in Singapore and the Asia Pacific the following services for employees, business owners, students and members of the public:

✅ Full day (7-8 hours) workplace relevant executive training, learning and development courses, educational seminars and workshops
✅ Full day in-house company staff and private group training sessions
✅ Private short workshops and talks (available offline/in-person/classroom and online via Zoom)
✅ Private small and large group coaching sessions (available offline/in-person/classroom and online via Zoom)

Our learning events are designed to focus on the essential group soft skills in our productivity-centric and fast-paced workplaces today – Business Communication Skills.